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Oil derrick

Weekly Oil Market Data Graphs

We take the most important oil market data and present it in an easy to understand graph format to give traders & fund managers an edge in the financial markets

Reliable Data

Our data is sourced from Argus, EIA, Euroilstock, Baker Hughes, IEA, JODI, METI and OPEC. data is released weekly and monthly. You will receive email updates of the graphs the day the new data is released.


To give private & professional traders a way to quickly analyse the huge amount of data that is available in the oil markets. We take the most important the data that is released on a regular basis and present it in an attractive visual format.

Actionable Insights

Once you have read and understood our charts you will have insights into the oil market that you can take decisive action on. Confidently move large amounts of money in and out of the market when you understand the fundamental driving forces behind it.

Our Comparative inventory reports display the current price range prediction

“Oil market data has given me the edge I was looking for when trading oil. I now have a solid understanding of the current fundamental picture, which has enabled me to be consistently profitable over the long term.”

oil comparative inventory report 2.jpg

Richard Hofman

Private trader

Understanding the inventory and supply & demand data is one of the most important concepts when it comes to trading oil. However it is also important to have an understanding of fundamental market drivers along with technical analysis when trading. There are many great technical analysis resources out there, but for an understanding of fundamental oil market themes we recommend 

Our charts are manually update after the data is released so there will be some time between the data releases and you receiving the emails containing the PDF charts. If you want to trade the data as soon as it is released we recommending the economic calendar on

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Receive weekly email pdf updates of all oil market data graphs shown on our website for only $1.50 a day. Professional oil market insights at an affordable cost.

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